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Senior with no Letter of Recommendation

Hi, so I am going into my senior year of high school, I moved here the summer before my junior year but unfortunately did the whole year online. This year will be my first year at this high school and understandably I don't have any good connections with any of my teachers. How do I go about getting a letter of rec?


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6 months ago

I'm actually in the same situation as you. I changed my high school after 10th grade and everything has been online since.

I think you should ask one of the teachers from your previous high school to write a LOR for you. But you will need a recent LOR from your current high school too so I suggest you maybe talk to the 'nicest' teacher in your current school and ask them for one. Be sure to give them a list of stuff you want them to include. It can be the qualities you want to demonstrate to the AO or maybe an activity you took part in. Obviously, the list shouldn't be blatant lies but things that you already are/did. It's a little unconventional and maybe even a bit unethical but I think you should be fine as long as you are honest and true in every step of the whole process.

Hope this helps!


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