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Admissions Advice

Admissions Advice

The applications open tomorrow, how do we go about applying and what are some things we should know?


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2 months ago


I'm also a senior about to start applying to schools this year and what I've heard from my friends are going to be freshmen in college this fall is that you should start early. Start drafting those supplemental essays during the summer because those deadlines are going to start coming up sooner than we think.

When the school year starts, you'll have to worry about classwork, sports, extracurriculars and whatever else you're doing, so it's best to get started while you still have some free time.

Another thing I would recommend doing is checking to see if any of the schools you're applying to has an Early Action application option, so you can started on those applications sooner and get them out of the way.

Good luck with your applications, and I hope you enjoy your senior year!


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