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Currently I'm writing my personal statement about where I used to play the cello and I used to continue to mess up during performances and I would lose track of my thinking because of the pressure, and cause me to be over critical of myself. But I finally learned to take a step back and realize that it's okay to make mistakes as long as you have resilience and bounce back. I'm not done but I used to play the cello for 5 years before I went to a tech highschool and chose cosmetology as a shop. The major I want to do is business administration/entrepreneurship. I dont want to confuse the admissions and think I have a passion for music( I do as hobby) instead of my intended major. Should I continue writing this essay topic??


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3 months ago

I don't think they would think that you are planning on studying music (unless you said you are in your essay). The only problem I see with your essay topic is that it doesn't sound like you currently play it much, but I feel like you wouldn't need to bring that part up in your essay. Other than that, the essay topic sounds really cool (which might mainly be because I play the cello as well, but...)

Good luck with your essay and playing the cello!!!


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