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Does this count as course rigor?

So this year, the only math classes that were available for sophomores were up to Precalculus(19 week). I didn't have enough room in my schedule and had to take just Geometry honors and Algebra 2 honors. Over the summer I took Precalculus at community college and the class was (10 week instead of 19 week)?

I took the highest level of courses offered to me my sophomore year from English and Science by taking English 10 honors and Chemistry honors and biology honors). However, I did not take the highest level of history which was AP Gov and took Gov Honors. Does this balance out due to the classes I have taken?


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At some point as a high school student you have to be the ultimate judge of what you want to take and pursue and I don't think other HS students can practically weigh in and make course rigor assessments for you. In your previous posts, you said you are aiming to be a poly-sci major and humanities and listed all your APs you are planning to take which you cited as the following.

-AP US Gov

-AP Comparative Gov

-AP Language and Composition

-AP World History

-AP Macro Econ

-AP Psychology

-AP Literature

-AP US History

-Which would be best to take: AP Human Geo or AP Spanish or AP Computer Science Principals or AP Environmental Science?

-AP Statistics

-AP Micro Econ

Then you followed up with "Which is easier Apush or AP Chemistry or Ap Bio or AP Calc"

My advice to you is to focus less on loading up your plate with alot of APs and focus more on being the best version of your human self and finding passions and ECs that help connect the dots between your academic record and your spike (s). If you don't have a spike, it's probably more important to curate one and make sure you have enough runway to propel and launch that spike to get some accolades and recognition prior to applying to college. As a poly-sci major it's important that you establish leadership positions in your HS as well as other community groups such as the following

-Student Body President, Class President, or VP at least 2-3 years of your HS career

-Founder or President of a Political Club such as the Young Democrats

-Team Captain of Model UN or the Debate Team

-Editor in Chief of your school Newspaper

-Board member of some political action committee

-Showing some evidence of getting involved helping get political candidates elected like volunteering for the campaign during an election year. Text banking fundraising and the like.

Second, I would spend as much time as possible developing your expository writing skills. The quality of your essays will be an important part of your college admissions.

Finally, as I previously stated in my former responses, APs take up a lot of time. If your goal is to get straight As in all your AP classes and then get mostly 5s on your APs tests, that's going to take up a lot of bandwidth which will cut into all the other things you are supposed to be doing. Depending on which colleges you apply to, they may or may not give you college credit for all your efforts so you have to make sure of the reasons for loading up on APs. (Brown Univ and William give you Zero college credit for APs and many other Elite colleges might cap it off at 6 credits which is 2 classes)

Good luck.


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