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How do I write my extracurriculars in the common app?

Hi guys! Please don't answer this question. Thank you.


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2 months ago

I will guide you on what to fill out however you really should not be asking anyone on CV to help you wordsmith anything on your common app! Many would consider that a form of cheating as if you asked someone to write part of your essays because you are stuck.

Most of the 9 questions are straightforward. The only challenging part is to write your role, accomplishments, awards in 150 characters. As a tip, you can always leave out the awards and put them in the Awards/Honors section of the common app. Remember that each Common App application is only given about 7 to 10 minutes of reading time by the reviewer so you the reason the all the answers have to be short, compact, and easy to understand is for the reader's benefit who is looking at 50+ of these per day.

What does this sentence mean in your inquiry? " If you guys aren't exactly sure what people in my child you please ask so that I can answer. Any help is appreciated. :) " Are you a parent asking for your kid?

Activity type (either Debate/Speech or Other Club/Activity)

Position/Leadership description

(Max characters: 50) Team Captain/Mock Trial Team

Organization Name

(Max characters: 100) ABC School Mock Trial Team

Please describe this activity, including what you accomplished and any recognition you received, etc.

(Max characters: 150) We are a three-time district champion team. I've won five different individual awards. For specifics, I am a four-time best witness winner and a one-time best attorney winner. As the team captain, I was responsible for helping with teammates' selection, rooming groups in different cities for tournaments. (you have to cut this down to 150 characters)

Participation grade levels (select the years you've done this activity)






Timing of participation (select best answer)

During school year

During school break

All year

Hours spent per week (enter #hours)

Weeks spent per year (enter #weeks)

I intend to participate in a similar activity in college. (indicate yes or no)


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