3 years ago
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What type of volunteering is looks good for college?

I am starting high school this fall and started volunteering this summer but I can't find many good programs for a business/finance major (my intended major). I know volunteering in areas of interest is important for a strong college application so does anyone have any suggestions or should I focus more on other things than volunteer?


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3 years ago

That's amazing that you already know that you want to be a Business/finance major. Most HS students do not know what major they want to be. And often, many college students are unsure as well.

Personally, I think volunteering is something that is typically not associated with business/finance majors because of the nature of capitalism to build wealth, influence, and power. But you do seem many banks and investment firms do some kind of PR where they encourage their employees to pitch out in the community.

To me, some of the characteristics top business schools look for in admits are their entrepreneurial spirit, their tenacity and determination to be successful, and their innovativeness in their pursuits.

Consider doing some kinds of fundraising projects in your community to earn money to donate to charities that help a cause you are interested in. I don't know if you are a member of an underserved group, or BIPOC, or low income, or have any unique background but perhaps there are some causes you believe in.

You could for instance consider reselling things you collect if you collect anything like sports cards, sneakers, gadgets, anything really. And then set up a non-profit to donate the proceeds from your sales on eBay or other selling platforms to charities you wish to support. If you raise $5,000 to $10,000 for a group, that will show your ability to volunteer your time and effort to help a cause, without having to knock on doors. This is just 1 idea.

I recently was watching this video about this young man who hated mowing lawns as a kid but decided to turn his skills to motivate other kids to mow lawns as a form of community service to those who are old, disabled, or too poor to maintain their yards. So he started this program called 50 lawns or something like that. After a kid certifies that he/she/them have mowed 50 lawns in their community, he sends them a brand new lawnmower and leaf blower and sends them a certificate. I don't know who is on the back end putting up the funds for this program but it's a great idea to give kids volunteering experience and a reward at the same time.

Good Luck.

3 years ago

Hello! I'm a rising sophomore and I found myself in your position this summer. I'm interested in the pre-med track, however, many hospitals that allowed younger volunteers were closed due to Covid. But instead of waiting for volunteer opportunities to present themselves, I went out and created my own.

This summer I decided to make a website dedicated to motivating middle school students in biology. So, if you're interested in business/finance, you could start an initiative that caters to your interests. This not only demonstrates your leadership to colleges, but it also exemplifies your dedication and passion for your intended major.

Furthermore, I am aware that there are many college courses available on edX and Coursera that may be of interest to you. So don't forget to look into those as well!

I hope this was helpful!

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