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Can you put edx courses on a college application and do they help?


I am already considering taking an edx course regardless but I was wondering if they could be used on a college application. If so, where on my application should I put it and does it help my resume/look good? Also, if you have any edx class recommendations lmk, I'm particularly interested in engineering/computer science but I also just want to take an interesting class in general so if you have a favorite no matter the subject just lmk and I might take it. (I'm also super into psychology so if you know any good classes...)


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They do! Right now colleges are looking for people who still continue to take initiative and learn on their own, especially during COVID-19. Taking an EDx course will definitely help on a college application. I say you should take HarvardX's CS50 course, given your interest in comp sci. There are some psych classes offered by Harvard as well. :))

Thanks! would you happen to know where on my app it would go? Like with my ECs or should it be separate?
Usually they go on your Activities List with your other ECs. Same with courses for Coursera or any other online platform.