3 years ago
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Does anyone have any advice for my passion project?

Recently, I decided to make a passion project selling old clothes/original designs on the app Poshmark where profits go to environmental charities and causes, ex earth justice. Does anyone have any advice or tips for how I can make this better for colleges?


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3 years ago[edited]

Hi @emmah91! I’m so impressed with your passion project – it sounds so cool!

I think @CameronBameron's answer is very helpful. I highly suggest checking out Etsy and setting up your own shop on there. Then, you would also be able to easily share the name of your Etsy shop on your Common App/college apps so AOs could look it up if interested. I’m not too sure how common it is to sell old clothes on Etsy, so I think eBay might be the way to go for that. But for all other original designs, I think Etsy would be great.

Maybe you could also pick a cause that you care about (like environmental issues) and make designs surrounding that topic so that you are raising awareness of an issue/educating others through your designs and also fundraising money for the cause!

Hope this helps! Good luck and keep up the great work!

3 years ago

Poshmark doesn't seem to be the best platform for doing this because you can't create listings with a Charity in mind. On eBay for example, you can set the amount you want to be contributed to Charity from 5% to 100% and then list the charity you are working with. I'm not sure if you can create Charities on eBay but they have hundreds of charities already in their database.

The benefit from this is the following:

1.) Buyers trust that proceeds of the sale will actually go to the charity you specified on the listing because they trust eBay. In fundraising for charities, it's very important to give donors confidence that their money will be put to good use and get there.

2.) There is accountability on eBay because you can download your monthly report and see how much you raised and donated.

3.) You don't have to do any additional paperwork. The charity will automatically get paid on the back end from eBay and your buyers will know their funds got to where it was supposed to.

4.) Also, on eBay you can run Auctions to help get more people interested in the items. So you might consider trying that option if your things aren't selling.

Sometimes buyers get confused about eBay stores, so you might consider having 1 eBay store or account for your own designs, and another for things you are re-selling. It is harder to sell your own designs, I would offer the suggestion of selling on ETSY for your personal designs because that platform caters to artsy/craftsy people who make their own things or customized things versus reselling. And a lot of artsy/craftsy people are used to donating proceeds so you can add that info on listings.

The last thing I would suggest is creating your own sustainable designs with powerful graphics and images that are attractive like Tees and Hoodies that have something to do with your passion for saving the environment. Perhaps you can team up with some friends who are good at graphic art or printmaking, and the group of you can launch a brand together. Colleges don't care if you do things alone or in a group as long as you are successful in your endeavors.

Good luck.

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