2 months ago
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Can we use the our same essay for Common App and Coalition?

Do you guys think it would be fine to use the same essay you did for Common App on Coalition by selecting Colation's "Submit an essay on a topic of your choice?" I'm really happy with my Common App essay, but I don't know if colleges would see that as lazy or something along those lines.


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2 months ago

If it is a great essay and you are applying to different schools on either the Common or Coalition app, it's perfectly fine to do that.

How would they know you have used the same essay anyway? You can't apply to Harvard or any other school on 2 different portals, and if you applied say to Barnard on 1 and Columbia College on another, both admissions offices are not related and independent. They don't share application file information even though they are part of the same University.

Hope that helps.


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