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What should I do if I did not take any ap classes?

I am an international student from Mexico and my current HS does not offer any of those classes.

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2 answers

2 months ago

The majority of schools won’t require AP classes for admission. Very few will deny you because you didn’t take any AP classes

2 months ago

Hi! Colleges will look at your individual circumstances to see if you were challenging yourself with your coursework. If no AP/IB Classes are available to you, they will not hold this against you and take this into account when they make an admissions decision.

In the US, if your high school had no AP classes to take, you wouldn't be on a "lower level" than someone who took 8 AP's at a school that had 20 AP Classes to the admissions officers. This is because those opportunities were simply not available to you.

However, if you want to show that you are strong academically, take the most rigorous coursework available to you if you are aiming for top schools. If all your classes are the same level, make sure you get good grades and maintain your GPA.

Good Luck with everything!


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