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Can these activities be referred as College Courses?


I've attended Locally held activities called "Dream University". Each schools invite College professors or TA to give somewhat college level experience to students.

Students who want to hear those lectures apply for classes they want (First come, first registered) then go to schools where the class is held.

I don't get credits or have to take any exams, just attending 90% of lectures would give me certificate.

Can I say this as College Courses in Common App? If I can, there's one class that I applied and attended, but failed to complete cause I didn't attend a few last lecture for being sick. (Glaucoma aftereffect) Can I write this in Common App too?

Thanks in advance!


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2 months ago

Attending a symposium is not the same as taking a College Course. I would not write that in as taking a College Course. If you took a College Course, you would have a grade to support your completing the course and an official transcript from the College of University, not a certificate. For example, if you took Introduction to Psychology at Yonsei University and got an A, you can report that as an A and earning "X number" college credits.


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