2 months ago
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Take another math senior year?

Okay my school says you only need three years of Math and Science. But I want to be a business major, and my counselor says that I could take Advanced Algebra and Statistics or Pre Calc. But the problem is the elective I chose was business and if I take one of those math courses I wont get that elective that I want. Since I want to be a business major should I do the elective for business or math?

(I'm taking a summer course in entrepreneurship rn so I'm thinking if I take the elective senior year too that'll look good on my transcript. But I'm just wondering will I have to do that math in college. Will I be behind?)


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2 months ago

Why is your counselor suggesting you take math? What is the benefit to taking math over taking business? Do you get college credit from the math class? How much do you enjoy math? How hard is the business class? How hard are the math classes? Which teacher do you prefer?

You should see how the benefits of taking math compare to those of taking business, and then make your decision.


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