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I am interested in BS/MD program . I did not get any opportunity for research . Is it hard to get in without research?

GPA- 3.85

ACT- 35

Volunteer hours at hospitals and physician shadow - over 300

some virtual showing

National Merit Semifinalist

member of the school football team

Fundraising events for Covid 19 Vaccinins, - collected >5k

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@YeshDatar wrote a great 4 part series on BS/MD programs so you should examine that thoroughly. Here is the paragraph from the series on Research.

"The research experience for most applicants can be something as simple as a brief summer internship for a month or two at a local cancer center doing cell culturing to as complex as a year long fellowship with a top-tier institution with publications to your name. It would also be appropriate to note that research is something that you don’t necessarily need on your application but can show that you are pursuing academic medicine and science outside of the classroom. In the COVID era, many students are finding ways to conduct research online including virtual database mining with statistical analysis. There are definitely ways to get around potential research barriers to entry and the best way to start is to reach out to your local network of family and friends to see if you can land in a pharmaceutical company, lab position or university hospital system. "

Since "a competitive program application consists of a few things including, but not limited to: research experience, volunteering, clinical experience, and science academic excellence." my take on this is based on Yesh's very detailed guideline for BS/MD programs is that it's very important in this ultra-competitive degree track. I recall that the admit rates for the TOP programs can be as competitive as getting into the Ivy league or less than 5%, some as low as 2%.

If I also recall there are many different caliber BS/MD programs so perhaps you wouldn't be a great fit for say the top 5-10 programs like Brown, Rice, CW, UPitt, BU, or Baylor but maybe the lesser ranked ones would give you a "PASS" or "Exemption" for no Research. These would be schools like Rutgers, RPI, Drexel, Hofstra, UConn or Stevens.

The full CV article on Top 25 schools is here in the link:



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