5 months ago
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in my country high school is only 3 years so can i submit only 2 years for my cumulative gpa

i know that high school in america is 4 years long so students submit for their cumulative gpa the last 3 years (freshman , sophomore , junior) and i'm asking since in my counry it is only 3 years long if i can submit just the last 2 years cumulative gpa next october.

thank you.

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5 months ago

I am sure you would be able to. Since there is only 3 years of high school, you would have to submit the last 2 years. I would check with the admission counselor or officer for each school you may want to apply to just incase and confirm with them that this is okay. There should be one officer assigned to the region in which you live in

5 months ago

Great question! I'd agree with the other response here and suggest checking in with the admissions officer for the schools you're interested in attending to get some insight on requirements for GPA. They'll be able to point you in the right direction!


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