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How to best prepare for first ACT test in April? Is there a recommended number of hours per week?

Junior getting ready to take first ACT. Also has a job and honors and AP classes. Interested in STEM engineering.

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@nina4 years ago

have you taken a mock test yet? and what is your target score? usually how much you need to work depends on your level right now and your target score.

[🎤 AUTHOR]@Bobbassen4 years ago

Thank you that is our next step

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4 years ago

As an honors/AP student interested in STEM engineering, you should aim for a composite score of at least 30 on the ACT. However, if you have certain colleges in mind, look up the average ACT of students who have been accepted and make that your goal. If you have not taken the ACT yet, be sure to familiarize yourself with the test. The biggest difference between the ACT and the SAT is the science section, so don't be surprised when you see questions pertaining to science! Definitely go ahead and take a practice test as you would a real one. Try to imitate the setting of a real test as much as possible by complying with the time limits and prohibiting use of electronic devices. Once you get your score from this practice test, analyze your results. Since your test is in April, you still have a decent amount of time to improve in each section, but I recommend allocating more time towards sections in which your scores are lowers. Try to take practice tests at least every other week leading up to your test date. Keep in mind that the September 2020 national ACT test date will introduce new options, including retesting by section (so you don't have to retake the entire test), as well as taking the test online. Best of luck to you.

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