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How do you convert IB scores to a GPA?

I have tried using collegevines GPA calculator but it is hard to determine what my actual GPA is. My school does not submit gpa to colleges only transcripts because it is difficult to translate an IB score to a gpa scale combined with adding on the gpa of freshman and sophomore year. Does anyone have a conversion chart for IB (1-7) scores to a A-F score?

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3 years ago

To calculate your IB classes into either Grade Scale or Unweighted 4.0 Scale, I would use these conversions:

7L, 7S, 7H = A or 4.0

6L, 6S, 6H = A- or 3.67

5H = B+ or 3.33

5S = B or 3.0

5L = B- or 2.67

4H = C+ or 2.33

4S = C or 2.00

4L = C- or 1.67

3H = D+ or 1.33

3L = D or 1.00

Most colleges only care about the unweighted grades or 4.0 scale GPA. If you are curious about how you compare to other US students who have weighted GPAs, just add 1.0 to each of the IB classes before you calculate GPA so the IBs will be on a 5.0 scale. EG. 7L, 7H or 7S would be 5.0 instead of 4.0.

Hope that helps.

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