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I want to study International law in my future and want to make a career in it.

Which institutions provide learning of International law? Do Harvard and Cornell university provide this study?


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3 years ago[edited]

Congrats on your decision to study Int'l law. That's always a solid and promising career.

Since you are probably unaware, I'll share that studying Law in the US is a graduate degree program, not an undergraduate program. There are 3 paths to becoming a lawyer which all lead to qualify to take and pass the BAR exam ( which is the LAW exam in the US ).

1. Attend an accredited 4-year college, get a high score in the LSAT (165-173), apply to Law School, get in and study law for 3 years, graduate with a JD (Juris Doctorate) in Law, and either take the BAR right away or work in your field a bit and take the BAR. (95%) do this.

2. Attend a 3/3 Accelerated BS/JD program which takes 6 years. Schools like UPenn, Columbia offer this. You save 1 year of college. You graduate with a BS and a JD in 6 years instead of 7 years. You can either take the BAR right away or work a little prior to taking the BAR (4% of lawyers do this.)

3. Or you can go to college for 4 years studying something related like International relations or Foreign Policy or Legal Studies (which is not the same as Law School). Then after you graduate you can do an apprenticeship for 4 years then take the bar. This path requires 4 years of employment in a law office, an average of 32 hours of work/study per week, 3 hours per week of direct attorney supervision. Supervising attorneys must have 10 years of experience. (1% of lawyers do this).

So becoming a lawyer, regardless of specialization takes between 6-8 years of solid non-stop education/work.

All your better law schools will have International Law as a specialization in their course catalog. So this would be schools like Stanford, Berkeley, UPenn, Columbia, Yale, Harvard, NYU, UVA, DUKE, UCLA, UMich, Cornell, UT Austin, Vanderbilt, Georgetown.

Good luck.

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