3 years ago
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How many of us agree that entrance exams like neet/JEE is bit unfair during covid-19 situation?

The online classes aren't really efficient for students who don't don't have electronical devices. Expecting these student to turn up for this competent exams, without full knowledge is bit unfair.

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3 years ago

I don't know whether or not I think it is fair to expect students to take those exams because I don't know much about them. From what I learned from a brief internet search, these exams determine whether or not a student is ready to study medicine or engineering. Is that correct? I think these types of exams are important for the university and the students. The university only wants students who are willing to work hard and are able to learn the material. Students wouldn't want to invest lots of money into a college degree they will fail out of. Whether or not I think expecting students to take those exams is fair, I do think it is important for those exams to be administered.

I hope that helps! Good luck!!!

3 years ago[edited]

hi, as a jee aspirant, wanted to give my opinion on this I sincerely hope no one takes offense to this. I don't think jee this year is distinctly "unfair", that being said I understand that some people might get covid or their parents got laid off and these situations are restraining, but for many students who I know low-income or high have access to online school and resources. An anecdote from my experience would include how our maid's children were able to buy a simple phone and afford basic wifi, I asked her about this same question and she told me no matter the situation everyone she knew was able to gain access to online school her own son was able to get into NITT. Calling this process "unfair" would be debatable would depend on someone's perspective. Since 8th grade, I've come by hundreds of people preparing for this exam but this year I saw numerous amount of students grinding extremely hard regardless of the covid situation, and yes these people included many many students who would be considered "disadvantaged" by the standard criterion. I saw people who I knew were serious in their prep, continue without any bother regardless of their situation and non-serious aspirants waste their time. To sum up, I don't think the majority of serious aspirant's prep will be hindered in any way by this situation, most everyone I know is preparing since 9th and is just revising topics and taking mocks of advanced. Since I mentioned the word "majority" I'll like to also point out that yes there is a notable minority affected by this pandemic but every year thousands of students encounter numerous situations that hamper their process of taking the exam and one may argue that this is inherently "unfair" but the process has and will always remain indifferent regardless. I do think there are numerous opportunities that NTA provides such as 4 attempts and a choice of a drop year for students to have another shot. Either way, it is extremely essential to conduct this exam as millions of students pour their all into it and some of my friends including me, plan to apply to NUS and other universities with our jee rank so we have to take into account these students, and not conducting the exam would backtrack us a whole year. I don't think I would be the ideal model for this discussion since I may appear unperceptive about some topics, but I wanted to share my personal opinion to the best of my knowledge, I hope this helps as another perspective.

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