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what extracurriculars look great on a college resume to be a biomedical engineer

I'm going into my sophomore year and interested in the biomedical engineering programs but am stuck on choosing which extracurriculars would look best on my resume and where to find them?


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2 months ago

Hi! I am a rising senior and am a prospective BME major as well. I would say that my ECs (extracurriculars) are somewhat competitive (they make up for my grades at least lol) so I'll just tell you what I'm doing.

Founder of a STEM club where we are designing a prosthetic arm, research at a BME lab at Stevens Institute, Robotics Lead CAD Designer, JHU BME program, supply chain intern at a small company, and other schools clubs I'm not a major part of.

It's very important for you to follow your passions. ECs are just something to showcase how passionate you are about a subject and what you've done to get involved in it. Research and internships are not common at all, so don't be thinking you have to do that to get into a good university. Maybe delve into some projects, make a blog about BME applications and inventions, or start some type of engineering club. Passion is everything. Even if your ECs look plain and the AOs are able to see the passion through your essays and ECs, you will be a much more suitable applicant than someone who is just padding their application with "impressive stuff". Good Luck!

2 months ago

BME research

BME Blog

BME Project assistant

BME Internship

BME Club

BME Competitions

BME tutoring

BME means Bio Medical Engineering


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