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Hey, writing essays have never been my strong suit and with some of the essays for the colleges I'm applying to optional, does it hurt my chances to not write them? Also, I feel super stumped with what to write for my personal essay, I don't' have a solid sob story, people say don't write about sports, or vacations, so what other topics could really set me apart? TIA.

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2 months ago

I don't know how much skipping the essay would affect your chances.

Answer these questions and then figure out what you are supposed to write about:

1. What DOES set you apart? What makes you special? What things would people not know about you just by looking at you? What do you wish people knew about you? What are you passionate about?

2. Why does that thing that makes you special matter? Would you be a different person if that one thing weren't a part of your life? How does that thing affect who you are today? How has that thing affected your life's trajectory?

3. Why do you care? Why should your reader care?

Hope that helps! Good luck!!!


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