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Are you able to choose which letters of recommendation you send to colleges?

I'm starting to ask my teachers if they are willing to write letters of recommendation for me and I realized that if everything goes to plan, I might have 4 letters of recommendation. None of the schools I'm interested in need more than 2 from teachers but I feel if I have four then I can choose the two that will match the school I eventually apply to (if that makes sense). For reference, I plan on being a STEM major (public health atm) and I also plan on asking two humanities and two science teachers and I confirmed 1 out of the 4. Is it recommended to get four letters of recommendation or should I narrow it down to two? Can I choose which letters I send to schools on the Common App?


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2 years ago[edited]

You can choose which ones you send through the common app by just assigning them only to the colleges you want their recommendation for however, teachers spend a LONG time writing those letters so I would consider narrowing it down to two maybe three just to have a backup.


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