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How should we choose between an interview with an alumni and an interview between a current student

I have two options when it comes to interviews and I really don't know which to choose. I can either interview with a student at the college before submitting my application, or I can interview with an alumni after submitting my application. The problem is, the second option is not guaranteed. This means that not all applicants will get a chance to interview with an alumni after submitting their application because of limited availability. Which should I choose?

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2 months ago

It's up to you depending on who you typically communicate better with. Some students like me like having conversations with adults and feel that interviewing has some intangible pluses with an alumni.

1.) You don't know whether they'd worked in this capacity for 1 year or 20 years. In most cases, they have conducted lots of interviews so they know how to put you at ease and encourage you to be genuine and use your voice to express your views, opinions, and answers.

2. You don't know how much direct influence their write-up has on your application process. If they are viewed as an important gatekeeper, it might work to your advantage to get a very good recommendation from a tenured alumni.

I don't think you have additional upsides with student interviewers because they may be more concerned with keeping their job since it's a good gig versus trying to help the school secure interesting applicants. What if you are a Finance major and you get interviewed by someone that is a GenderStudiesMajor? They may not understand what makes you tick.

And you have to weigh that against the downside of there not being enough alumni to cover all bases.

Good luck.


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