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Is it possible to take multiple majors in a college or university?


I am currently a sophomore attending high school and I just wanted to know if it is possible to take multiple majors when applying to a college or university. I specifically want to major in something related to medicine or pharmaceutical sciences, Film/Cinema, and Drama/Theatre. I want to apply to any of the UC's, 1-2 CSU's, and large private universities in California.

I also want to know if it would impact my class schedule and if I am allowed to change my majors if I am not interested in them.


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Yes, you can usually change your major, and no one is going to force you to choose the major you put on your application. You don't have to choose your major for sure until you've finished the first two years of college! You can usually double major (for one degree in two different subjects) and some colleges let you get a dual degree (two degrees in two different subjects, can often take six years instead of four.) Adding a second major may require the completion of roughly the same number of academic credits as getting a second degree. The UCs offer dual degree admission on a case by case basis (not sure about CSU, ask an admissions counselor). UCs and Cal States both offer double majors. USC (a large private school in California) offers dual degrees and double majors.

Changing your major might change your class schedule depending on what majors. For example, a science degree to another science degree might not change your classes much, but something like a Biology major, to, say, a Theatre major definitely would. It all depends on the classes required for your major.

Oh ok, but what about triple majoring. I am interested in 3 things. I know that Film/Cinema & Drama/Theatre are art-related subjects, so I guess that is AA/BA degree. I also know that pharmaceutical sciences or medicine is a health-related subject, so I'm guessing that's an AS/BS degree. Do you think that triple majoring in 2 art majors & 1 science major is possible as well? I hope it's called triple majoring if I'm taking 2 majors in 1 degree & 1 major in another degree. Sry, newbie here... Ty
No prob! I'm not 100% on each college (I would look it up for you but my brain is tired) but triple majoring is possible. It tends to be pretty hard though, so you might want to do an art degree, health related degree, and an art minor so you don't have to take so many courses but still have it on your degree.
Thank you so much and it is totally fine! I guess I would just continue deciding if doing multiple majors is right for me and I would definitely consider minors too. You were a great help. :)