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05/05/2020 at 03:08AM

Can I correct the GPA average from wrong transcript conversion from a British education system school?

Before my sophomore year I attended a British Education system school. When transferred to the US system school my grades were imported and the average completely distorted due to the bad credit reconciliation on the transcripts interpretation. Can I request a review and normalization of my GPA for the college to evaluate my actual GPA average? or how I can minimize my impact of such unfair report.

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05/07/2020 at 12:25PM

I think you should ask your high school if they can convert/interpret the transcript again for you! They are probably the best to handle/adjust the report.

If you get pushback, maybe call up a college you're interested in and ask them if you'd be able to send both transcripts (British and US) when you apply. I know colleges have teams that interpret/convert international transcripts, so they might be able to help!

Sorry that you have to deal with this.... wishing you good luck!