3 years ago
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How do I start a passion project, and what kind would look good for ivy league colleges?

My dream school is Princeton, my test scores are a little low so I wanted to have a good passion project, I just don't know where to start.

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3 years ago

What interests you? I think you should first decide what YOU want to do and THEN think about how you could make it look good for colleges. If your 'passion project' is just something you do to get into college, then it isn't really passion, is it? And if you aren't interested in doing it, it will just be another chore. I found this quote on while looking up passion projects (I included the link because it has some ideas for some of these projects):

"It is important to note that passion projects aren’t hobbies nor should they be approached as some type of side income. Do not look for a passion project to free you from your current work set-up because the moment you transition a passion project from being fun and pursued solely for your own enjoyment in it is the moment many find that their passion in it will die. … Instead, passion projects are projects that people should get into solely because they love how it makes them feel and how it inspires them to tap into something bigger inside themselves."


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