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Research Internship and housing?

When you cold mail a professor at a university and he accepts your offer, where do you live, and how do you manage housing and dining.

@Texas_Student2 months ago

How far do you live from the university?

[🎤 AUTHOR]@Vedant2 months ago

Well, in another country

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2 months ago[edited]

If you indicated that you are ready to travel to his university to start a research internship, then you have to figure out where to live, eat and how to get there on your own. The professor's job is not to work on these things for you.

If the professor works at a college, most college housing is not available in the summer and is only available if you are a matriculated student at the university. Therefore you have to find market-priced housing on your own. You won't be able to access the dining halls either since you are not a matriculated student so you will have to figure out how to feed yourself 3 meals a day.

You don't mention where this college is so it's hard to tell what you need to budget for monthly housing, food, and other costs. If you are going to a large city like Boston, NYC, Chicago, LA, SF, temporary housing is expensive. It might cost you $1000 to rent a room in someone's apt/flat or house within walking distance of the college. And figure a per diem of $40 per day for 3 meals. Plus you need additional funds if you need to take the subway, buses, trains or buy personal toiletries and other effects. If the college is in the middle of nowhere like Cornell at Ithaca NY, that just adds a lot of expense because you can't fly there directly. It's rather expensive to fly on a small plane to Ithaca out of JFK or Laguardia. But housing will be cheaper if the school is in a rural area.

If you are traveling to the US, you also have to have your travel documents and vaccinations in order. I believe all new Int'l travellers coming into the US will need to be fully vaccinated (I read this last week), so check with the US Consulate / US Embassy who will have to issue your travel VISA. Since you are not a matriculated student, I'm not sure what kind of VISA the will require you to get either. I'm not sure an F1 or M1 will work.

Good luck.


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