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Hi, so I plan to retake my SAT, if I already send in my application before I take the test, will the schools I apply to get my new SAT score? Will they accept the new score even after the application is sent it? Please let me know, any advice will help! :)


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2 months ago

At least for BYU, how it works is you send in your application with the score you have. After you retake the SAT you can choose whether or not to send in the new score (based on how much your score improved), BUT sending in your score will change the date of your application to when you sent in your new SAT score (which means you might miss the priority deadline). My sister (who is currently attending BYU) sent in her application in time for the priority deadline, retook the SAT, got her score, and determined that the slight increase in her score was not enough to justify missing the priority deadline, so she decided NOT to send in her new (and slightly better) score.

Hope that helps! Good luck!!!


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