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Away from home but not really?

I plan on going to college as a business admin/management major 2-3 hours away from home. I'm really looking at Morgan, Bowie, and Howard but I have many other schools on my list. But Bowie's entrepreneur program is amazing. It's in Maryland which is about 2 hours away from Jersey where I live now. The problem is my mom plans on moving wherever I go to school, and we don't really get a long well and she knows that and our relationship has affected my mental health. Is there anyway I could stay on campus during winter/ spring break or get an apartment on campus?

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Now that I look at it this should be paying for college kinda, I apologize.

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2 months ago

I would value my mental health more than that. In the scheme of things, how can you thrive anywhere whether you live at home or 2 hours away if your mom is insisting on moving and forcing you to engage in a dysfunctional relationship?

It would be much better for you to open your horizons and apply to the schools that will give you the best opportunity for sanity even if they are clear across the country in a town of 2000 people.

Are you agreeing to this because she is going to pay for your college? Or because you don't qualify as a low-income student to get good financial aid at other colleges? There must be a good reason you are sacrificing your mental health and succumbing to a limited list of public colleges.

In the spirit of being your ally, I support whatever you do to protect yourself and your mental wellness. Good luck.


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