2 years ago
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Is there an extra-curricular or competitions involved in California?

I need help with extra-curricular mostly because my school does not have interesting clubs or holds any competition. The kids from my school is not interested in this, heck, they don't care about school. Is there any clubs or competitions in California that is open for everyone?

@Mysterysquash2 years ago

Do you have any particular interests? For example science, art, computer science, etc.

[🎤 AUTHOR]@cruz.alex2 years ago [edited]

@Mysterysquash I like to paint but I really like building structures or programming/coding.

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2 years ago

For CS/Engineering as that seems to be your interest:

- intern at a tech company (especially if you're near silicon valley or orange county)

- Hackathon

- Science Fair (you can do a computer science project)

- Science Olympiad (there's a lot of cool building events, like Boomilever, Ping Pong Parachute etc.)


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