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chances for dream schools? (Duke, NYU,and Case Western)


I have not been involved in many extracurriculars and want to improve that coming junior year. I have good stats and will be taking the ACT/SAT junior year. What are my chances if I put a lot of work into my junior year?


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Use the chancing engine please. it gives you a percentage chance, better than our subjective estimates. Play with the SAT and extracurricular features.

thanks, i worded my question wrong lol.
Okay so now my advice (from a current junior so don't put too much weight on this) is to register for extracurriculars you want to do and max out in them. It's not quantity, it's quality. For instance, this past year, I joined Science Olympiad, prepped super hard, and won medals at invitationals and regionals (States canceled). You can also join an activity, work hard in it whether it be debate or volunteering at your local animal shelter.
For SAT, I scored 1520. My advice is to do khan academy to brush up on math and writing skills (I used it to drill math which helped me get 800). Do all 10 practice tests ON PAPER so you can simulate real testing conditions.
thanks for the advice. i plan on volunteering at a local hospital since i want to go into nursing and hope to secure an internship at a nursing home near me. i also want to start a HOSA branch at my school which shows leadership.