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Can you cancel an ap score cancellation form?

This year, I took my ap exam in May but then requested to do a make up examin June and needed to wait until August 16 to get my scores. I faxed to a cancellation form to college board to cancel the score because I didn't feel that I did well on it. But then found out that it was unnecessary. On July 10th(after the june 15 deadline), I faxed them a message telling them not to cancel the scores and all the personal information I included on the cancellation form. I know that the cancellation form said that they automatically delete the score or prevent the test from being scored, but the deadline said that the form had to be received by June 15 to prevent the score from bein sent to colleges indicated on My AP. When I go on my collegeboard account on July 21, my AP test score didn't show and it said these 2 codes(No score available: makeup exam was requested but not taken (code 16),Score not yet available (code 96)). But none of these codes indicated that my score was cancelled. The confusing part is that those who did not cancel the exam also got the "No score available: makeup exam was requested but not taken (code 16)". Will they still cancel my scores or based on the codes, has it already been processed and canceled? Will they grade the test first and then cancel? Will sending it to a college immediatly after getting the score prevent it from being cancelled?

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According to Collegeboard "The AP Program allows you to cancel your AP Exam scores. When you request cancellation, your exam won’t be scored, and if it has already been scored, the score will be permanently deleted from our records. Once a score is canceled, it can’t be reinstated."

So this means you can not cancel a cancel. You can not revive something that has been either a.) not scored or b.) permanently deleted from the records.

If you want an AP test score from that AP class you canceled you have to re-register for the AP exam and take it all over again. That may not work out with your college admissions plan.

And if you don't believe the words they have written on their website with regards to cancelling AP test scores, then no one on CollegeVine works for the CollegeBoard or has access to your CollegeBoard account so if you want confirmation that your test has been deleted or not scored, you must contact them directly. Only CollegeBoard will confirm the status of your AP test that you instructed them to cancel.

Good luck.


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