4 months ago
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Application Organizer Template

Hello! In honor of the Common App recently opening, I knew I had to organize all the information needed for my applications or else I would be a mess. I made an outline on Notion with spots to put all the information and application requirements for each of my schools that I've been finding really helpful and wanted to share. Hit duplicate at the top to make a copy.

I left a few schools in it to get a sense of the layout. There's different views of the information-chart, timeline, essays, and progress- just keep whatever works best for you!

I hope this helps anyone stay organized during the application season!


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4 months ago

@elena, thank you so much love. This helps a lot I also have another tip you can make an application schedule in Google Keep with checkboxes of all the things you need to do leading up to your application deadline. Depending on if you're applying EA, ED, RD, etc. But thank u so much, this will help a lot!

🎤4 months ago

I love this! Google Keep is also very useful because you can toggle it open on the right side while looking at Gmail, Calendar, lots of Google apps (especially helpful on Calendar while looking at deadlines). Glad it was helpful- best of luck for the application season!!


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