2 years ago
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Will choosing credit/no credit over letter grade options hurt my college admissions chances?

Am wondering about schools like CMU, Harvard, UC Berkeley

sorry lemme elaborate on my school's policy: core subjects (for me math, physics, English) are letter grade only. Electives like Spanish are credit/no credit unless we request them not to be. So should I keep my Spanish grade? Also, Spanish only had one test for the whole semester, meaning that 75% of my grade is based on a single assessment. So does that count as accessibility or not?

[🎤 AUTHOR]@arielUC252 years ago

I have one B in Spanish 3 and it would drag down my GPA from a 4.6 to a 4.25

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2 years ago

All colleges have said they'll be understanding of any grading policy adopted by your school. That said if you have the option to receive a letter grade, that's likely what they expect. I have the same policy at my school and although some wish to manipulate their GPA, I think colleges will see it as hiding something if you pick and choose certain courses. The only reason you should choose pass fail is if you have an issue with accessibility.


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