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What schools are known for Zoology/animal science?


Looking for colleges with good programs in Zoology/animal bio


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Isaac listed some great schools for zoology. To add a few more for Animal Science specifically:

- Cal Poly SLO

- Clemson

- Cornell

- Mich State

- NC State

- Ohio State

- Purdue

- UF


- Virginia Tech

A slight note here—be careful with these when it comes to cost, because almost all of them are public schools in different states, so you're going to be out-of-state for either all or almost all of them. If you need financial aid or wouldn't be able to pay full out-of-state tuition without getting loans, focus on the options in your state or look for schools that would offer significant need-based aid (Cornell is really the only one here).

I'd say UC Davis is also good for animal science: they are a renowned ag school for a reason.
yup I was only adding to the ones you listed, so that one seemed redundant to list here.
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1. University of Wisconsin - Madison

2. UC Davis

3. Miami University - Oxford

- located in Ohio

4. Texas A&M University - College Station

5. Colorado State University - Fort Collins

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