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advice with extracurriculars?

I am a high school sophomore in quarantine. I have a cumulative uw gpa of 3.931 and am planning on doing the IB diploma the last two years of high school. I have not been able to do any extracurriculars though between helping out at home and having no freedom. My passion is health/medicine and plan on majoring in nursing. I am planning to be volunteering at a local hospital this following year as well as securing an internship at a nursing home. One other thing I plan on doing is starting a HOSA Future Health Professionals chapter at my school. I would love to get into my dream school which is Duke but will be happy if I get into a state university. Do you think starting extracurricualrs so late will hurt my chances? And if I really grind and put a lot into my extracurricualrs juinor year will I have a chance? Will colleges really understand how and why I have not been able to start earlier?


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3 years ago

I recommend doing a Coursera course that you could include on your resume to show that U have put effort to explore your interests. I want to be a physician(specifically a psychiatrist), so I took free duke courses about neuroscience and psychology. You can also create a non-profit organization or a business that sells face-masks that shows ur medical and entrepreneurship skills. Starting them late and not showing a long commitment may hurt ur ec's, but its better to do it now than never. Colleges understand that right now coronavirus has put a big cap on everyone, its up to you to find a way out of that cap and contribute to the world!

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