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Forensics Schools?

So I'm a junior in high school right now and I'm looking for schools that have great forensics programs or majors offered because I want to be in the FBI/CIA/Any Government agency and I want to know which schools have the best programs.

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One thing to keep in mind here is that Forensic Science is much more common as a graduate degree program than an undergrad program. There are some very good undergrad programs—like Texas A&M, UCF, Loyola Chicago, and Penn State—but they're going to be relatively rare compared to more common majors related to your career goals like Criminal Justice. You might need to study something like Bio or Chem as an undergrad and then aim for a Master's program.

I'd also mention that—if your goal is JUST to work in law enforcement and not necessarily to do forensic science specifically, there are actually other avenues or majors you could aim for. (Of course, if it's forensic science specifically that draws you, disregard this.) In particular, I'd look into accounting (which is actually the most common major among law enforcement officers), because forensic accounting is a huge component of solving modern crimes. Accounting will also be much more commonly offered as a Bachelor's degree program than forensic science.

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off the top of my head West Virginia has a pretty good one.


If this like isn't good just google good forensics science college USA


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