2 months ago
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AP Statistics vs CC Introduction to Statistics

I am a high school senior already taking 5 APs. I want to join the choir program as a piano accompanist. However, the only slot available for choir is the same period as AP Statistics. In order to smooth over the schedule conflicts, I can take Introduction to Statistics at my local community college. But I’ve heard that colleges, especially selective ones, don’t like it when you take advanced classes already available at high school at a community college, and it’s not like they’ll know about the schedule conflict. I want to Major in Finance in college, so math is really important, but so are out of school passions. Any advice?


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2 months ago

Would you take the Intro to Stats this school year? I think that if you could do it through the community college that would probably be the best option. Even if not, I still think that would be your best option. My mom was her high school choir's piano accompanist and I know it made her resume/ECs look really good for college and jobs (but she was going into music ed). It also gave her experience to get jobs with music like teaching private lessons and at a music school.

Hope that helps! Good luck!!!

2 months ago

I think taking the ap class is more important because depending on which college you apply for they are looking for the ap classes more the extracurricular you do and I should know i work for one. So best of luck.


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