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2 years ago
Admissions Advice

Any internship opportunities in New Jersey?

Hey Guys! I'm looking for internship opportunities in New Jersey.

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@CAsunset2 years ago

What kinds of internships are you looking for? Any specific interests?

[🎤 AUTHOR]@riyak2 years ago

I'm looking for internships more directed towards engineering, business or leadership opportunities.

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3 answers

2 years ago

There is a summer program at Princeton - it's not an internship but it seems like a cool opportunity if you're interested in journalism (which you could tie to business somehow!) at all.

It's specifically for high achieving, low income (and first-generation) students, so you'd have to meet these requirements:

2 years ago

Hey @riyak! It really depends on what type of internship you are looking for.

Because I don't know what you're looking for, my advice would be to ask yourself these questions:

1. Do you know what type of work you're interested in doing?

2. How far are you willing to travel from your home?

3. Do you care if it's a paid internship or unpaid internship?

After you answer those questions, I think you should do some research on real companies/organizations close (or far) from your home that do work you're interested in (example: marketing, technology, construction, science, social service, medicine, etc.)

Then see if any of your family or friends know anybody who work in those companies. You could even ask some teachers at your high school if they know anyone who works in a career you're interested in. Connections like this can be a great way to get on the phone or email somebody to ask about internships or just to learn more about what they do.

Good luck with the search! I wish I could help more.

Tip: Next time you post a question, try adding a bit more detail about your situation so that we can all give more helpful answers!

11 months ago

This site can be very helpful for you.

Yes there is quite a bit but depends on your interest.


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