2 months ago
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Problem in the spelling of my mothers name .

Hi guys there is a little problem idk what to do about it. My mother’s spelling has some error in my transcripts which is very slight and there is different spelling in my passport and other documents . This can be fixed soon but should I do it right now before applying or fix the sprout transcripts after I get acceptance basically before applying for visa. Will this be a problem in my application process ? Please tell me something guys

need help

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2 months ago

I would fix that ASAP. It might be a problem if they find out that there's an error because it could make you look careless or like you're trying to hide something.

With the passport and other documents how did the error originate?

2 months ago

Hey there! I'd encourage you to try and get the misspelling corrected sooner than later, especially if you plan on applying for a visa as this process is quite meticulous and name spelling is important. Rectifying the spelling can help prevent delays in the lung run.

Hope this helps!


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