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How to submit additional LORs? Like counselor and teachers do I need to invite them as well ?

For peer review ?


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4 months ago

When you go back to school, and the school is in-person, you should ask your teacher(s) and HS counselor for a recommendation in person and follow it up with a letter. If your school is online then you can use the chat function on zoom or ask to speak to them after class on zoom and follow it up with a letter.

And the sooner you do this the better chances you have of getting your teacher or counselor to focus on writing you a good recommendation.

Here is a sample example of a request for letter of recommendation -

Subject: Letter of Recommendation Request for John Smith

Dear Ms. Williams (Calculus teacher):

Thank you for meeting with me this afternoon. I am grateful that you have agreed to write a letter of recommendation for colleges. The application deadline is January 1.

Your class had a lot of impact on me during junior year and as a result of learning calculus, I've decided to become a maths major.

You help me understand how math can be applied to everyday life problems and well as many theoretical ones. I want to learn as much as I can so I'm applying to some excellent colleges that have great math departments.

I have attached my personal statement and resume so you have additional information to refer to when you write about me.

You will receive an email from the university asking for your recommendation. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


John Smith Class of 2022

Attachments: Enclose either a brag sheet about your activities, coursework, ECS related to math and if you have something written about why you want to be a math major attach that as well.

This will be super important to do with your HS counselor because he/she/they have potentially 100 recommendations to write and they will not remember a lot of details about you. In my case, I submitted my Common App essay and that was very useful because my counselor didn't know my story or how I got where I did. She was able to share her gratitude for me sharing that intimate part of my life and I have to believe advocated as hard as she could for me.

Good luck


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