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What do I need to do 10th grade

What do I need to do this year to get into schools like:

Cornell, Georgetown, University of Florida, UCSB

I am taking 2 AP classes and 1 honors. My unweighted gpa from 9th grade is a 4.0. I several extracurriculars but none of them are Ivy-league impressive. What do I need to do this year?


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4 months ago[edited]

Sophomore year (probably not a complete list):

- take college-preparatory classes (i.e. AP + honors, which you are doing)

- keep GPA high/grades up (4.0 unweighted GPA is strong for most schools)

- expand on extracurriculars (i.e. by taking on a position in a club)

- prepare to take on more responsibilities (driving, job, stuff like that)

- take PSAT if you can

- develop reading + writing skills

- develop your personality + find good friends

Each of the places you mentioned have different admissions difficulties. You don't need an Ivy-league impressive application in order to get into some of those schools, although obviously it would help.

AOs look at the overall number of AP classes your school offers. So if your school offers 15 APs and you take 4 throughout your entire high school experience, it won't look as good as someone who takes the same number of APs but their school only offers 10. Without knowing how many APs your school offers, its a bit difficult to see whether taking 2 APs is good or bad overall. Don't stress too much about it - just keep challenging yourself like you have been doing and you should be okay. Take on academic opportunities when they arise, as long as you're capable of following through on them.

Be aware of your personal limits. Challenge yourself, but understand that if you take on too many difficult classes you may suffer mentally and your grades may drop. Striking a good balance is really important, and everyone's limits are different.

Above all, best of luck in 10th grade!

4 months ago

I am in the same grade but my goals are to get in an ivy league colleges. I think take all 4 years of math and English. At least 2 years of a foreign language and then excel at the extracurriculars you are doing but don't forgot to take all the classes to need to graduate from the school u are going. Best of luck.


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