2 months ago
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Do I have to submit AP scores? Will they ask me?

Does it look bad if I don't submit them?

In a zoom call about our bad zoom classes last year my Principal and GC claimed AP scores don't have to be reported and it won't matter at all.

Or worse, will some AO or someone spring it on me and ask me how I did on the AP Calc test? What should I say if they do?

[🎤 AUTHOR]@Grrlwood2 months ago

Anyone know if I might be asked about AP scores in an interview? What should I say if so?

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2 months ago

Yes, you are certainly better off not to report your AP scores, especially a score of "1". And yes, AOs will assume you bombed them but I think there are many applicants this cycle that will not be reporting their AP scores so you are in good company.

While I do not think this will have a big impact on your application just keep in mind that those applying to the same schools you are who have 4s and 5s to report will have a course rigor and grade advantage over you.

Good luck!


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