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Am I able to submit a Coding Portfolio on CommonApp?

I am interested in going into Computer Science and have made a couple coding projects here and there. Am I able to show colleges the projects I've done and submit the code?

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3 years ago[edited]

Simple answer no.

However, if the college you are applying to is one of the 150+ Coalition App member schools, you can.


On the Coalition App, they have a "LOCKER" feature which is your own customizable repository of add'l information, documents, videos, links etc. To show your code, you can do it in the following ways:

1. Make a . PDF file of your Code and upload the . PDF to the Locker

2. Make a Video of your Code in action. For instance, if your code is part of an App, then you can record the part of the App using your code and voice-over what your code is doing. You can upload the Video to your Locker.

3. If your Code is running on a website, you can post a link of the website to your Locker with a description of what the link is.

The Coalition Locker allows you to permission different parts of your locker to different schools. So in some cases, you might not want a certain school to have full access to everything in your locker. In addition, you can permission your mentor, counselor, parent to see your Coalition app profile and locker so they can give you feedback on what you are presenting as part of your application file.

The other main benefit of the Coalition app is for low-income students. You don't have to wait until August 1 of your Senior year to start your Coalition app. You can start it as soon as 9th grade. Also, you can fill out your fee-waiver form only once and if you qualify by either meeting the federal free lunch standard or other standards, every one of your 150 member schools will give you a fee waiver without having to individually apply for one. That saves a lot of time and effort and takes the pressure off applying to all the schools you are interested in. If you apply to 20 schools through the Coalition app, that can save you $1500.

Although there are not as many schools on the Coalition App, within the 150 members are many of the Top 100 schools.

Good Luck.

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