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Is there a common app for applying in Canada, Australia or the UK?

I'd also appreciate it if someone could tell me what this apps really are to US colleges/uni and are they generally accepted by uni's. I only have a gpa of 3.54 in high school and 1500+ in SAT. Should I give a shot for Ivy Leagues for premed majors?


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4 months ago[edited]

The Common app covers 1 Aussie college (Monash), 5 Canadians Colleges and 22 UK Universities.

In Canada, you can also use the Ontario Universities Application Centre (OUAC) where you can apply to multiple universities on one single application. Other than that, there is no other clearinghouse.

In the UK, use the UCAS system.


It will cover most UK colleges. I learned that for undergrad you can not apply to both Oxford and Cambridge, you have to apply to 1 and pick a college within them.

Since Australia is a small country population-wise there are only 43 universities, so there is no common app. https://www.studyinaustralia.gov.au/english/australian-education/universities-and-higher-education

Good Luck

Re: Ivys. Your GPA is on the low side so I wouldn't apply to them. Where you go undergraduate uni, will have no bearing on applying to Med School. You will have to have a high Uni GPA and get between a 514 and 522 on the MCAT test to get into the Top45 in the US. So try to find a Uni that has all the features of an Ivy but maybe a better fit for your GPA. There are literally 100+ unis and are excellent. Good luck

4 months ago

You can always give it a shot. You have a good chance quite honestly but ivy league schools look at other things besides grades. So it will basically come down to your extracurriculars and essays.


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