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Hello guys, I am currently writing my essay, but I have questions about the prompt. The prompt says throughout my high school career so do I talk about school? I have heard talking about academics is bad for essays so I’m not sure what to write about.

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@Texas_Student2 months ago

What is the full prompt?

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Tell us your story. What unique opportunities or challenges have you experienced throughout your high school career that have shaped who you are today?

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2 months ago

Personally, I think you could talk about academics as long as you discuss why it matters to you, but I think they are going for more of difficulties/opportunities outside of school. For example, if you had a really cool volunteer experience or a health condition that made normal activities hard, those are some things you could write about. I think mostly college admission people just want to see you be able to talk about how your experiences affect you and your viewpoint on life.

Good luck!!!


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