3 years ago
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Will an Admissions Officer ask me what I got on an AP exam?

I'm thinking of interviews, or maybe over email. Will an AO spring this question on me at any time, if I don't report my AP score?

What should I say if that does happen? Just refuse to answer?


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3 years ago

Yes, it's possible and AO will ask you what you got on an AP exam. So it's always best to answer the question. If you refuse to answer, that is always worse. So you can say:

1. I scored less than a 4, so I decided not to submit it.

2. I scored much lower in percentile than my grade in the class, so I decided not to submit it

3. I received a low score because of the learning challenges with taking the class online and my teacher's lack of AP-focused instruction.

4. I bombed it because I was not properly prepared.

If you took 1-6 AP exams and didn't report any, then the AO will definitely assume you were not prepared to succeed on them. But if you took 5 and reported 3 or 4 with 4s and 5s, that is much less of an issue.

Some top schools only give you college credit if you get a 5, or they only have a maximum number of APs that count toward your degrees like 2 classes or 6 credits or units. And others give you ZERO college credit like Brown or Williams. So do your research on how many credits you'd have received from your APs and what the AP score cutoffs are. If you are applying to Brown or Williams, your AP score doesn't matter because they just want to see the AP classes as evidence of courserigor. If you apply to Columbia or Yale, you might answer, "since you only give college credit for 5s, I didn't want to report anything less than a 5."

Good luck.

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