3 years ago
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Should I apply with SAT scores?

All of the schools I'm interested in are SAT/ACT optional and I got an SAT score of 1290 (670 reading, 620 math). However, I am taking the SAT again later in August and was wondering if I can resubmit the score and if 1290 is competitive/good.

@Texas_Student3 years ago

Which colleges are you interested in attending?

@amar3 years ago

^^ unless its not in the range of college ur looking at id say sure

[🎤 AUTHOR]@livsoftball3 years ago

Some schools I'm interested in include Clemson, NC State University, UNCG, UNCW, LSU, and Virginia Tech.

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3 years ago

First of all, why are you submitting any test score right now if you are going to retake the SAT in 2 weeks? I didn't know there are any colleges taking applications in the middle of August? Most of the earliest deadlines are Nov.1. By then you will know what your SAT test scores are and whether you improved or not.

While a 1290 is a good SAT score in the context of the 2.2 million test-takers (87% percentile score), whether it's good enough for you to submit is a different question entirely.

The only way you can determine this is to research your entire college list and write down what the Class of 2025 50% percentile middle range covering the 25th percentile to the 75th percentile. I find that a simple google search on the college name class of 2025 freshman profile gets good results. If nothing comes up you can always revert to last year's 2020-21 Common Data Set for the College you are going to apply to.

I pulled up a few schools so you know that would be a good match for your score.

University of Pittsburgh 1250-1440 Middle 50%

University of Binghamton 1300-1450 Middle 50%

Lewis and Clark College Middle 50% 1230-1400%

Say you want to apply to UMich or UVA or NYU, then I would consider those a reach with that SAT score and apply without submitting it.

Good luck.

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