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Are there any Universities that don't require SAT at all for international students and they offer full financial aid?

Hey everyone, I am planning on applying to Universities as an international student, however I can't meet the SAT costs and getting waivers is another problem. I am currently looking for Universities that don't require SAT scores at all, does anyone know of any? I would really appreciate if I got a list of 10 or so Universities.

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@Sophoniast4 months ago

1. Amherst college

2. Bard college

3. Barnard college

4. Bates college

5. Bennington college

6. Berea college

7. Bowdoin college

8. Brandeis university

9. Brown university

10. Bryn Mawr college

11. Bucknell university

12. Carleton college

13. Claremont McKenna college

14. Colby college

15. Colgate university

16. Colorado college

17. Columbia university

18. Dartmouth university

19. Davidson college

20. Deep Spring college

21. Denison college

22. Dickinson college

23. Duke university

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This Top 10 list is 2 cycles old from US News World & Report. It is a list of the best colleges that offer financial aid to international students. The first column is the school, followed by the # students receiving aid, followed by the avg. grant amount and their US News Ranking. What you can infer is that most of them are Top colleges in the Top 20 out of 4300 colleges. Only one outlier in there which is a small liberal arts college in upstate NY called Skidmore College which is a T40 LAC. They are all test-optional and none of them require either the SAT or ACT.

I would investigate all of them before I apply to any of them to make sure you meet their other requirements like HS coursework, course rigor, extracurriculars, GPA, class rank, etc. to see how you compare to their typical admits. Detailed reports on each college can be found by searching the internet for the school followed by their common data set. For instance, Skidmore College Common Data Set 2020 brings you to this link.


Columbia University (NY) 299 $71,069 3, National Universities

Skidmore College (NY) 96 $70,250 36 (tie), National Liberal Arts

Amherst College (MA) 133 $69,434 2, National Liberal Arts Colleges

Dartmouth College (NH) 261 $68,998 13, National Universities

Williams College (MA) 108 $68,456 1, National Liberal Arts

Duke University (NC) 211 $68,044 12, National Universities

Stanford University (CA) 245 $68,000 6 (tie), National Universities

Wesleyan University (CT) 95 $67,468 20 (tie), National Liberal Arts

Swarthmore College (PA) 67 $67,165 3, National Liberal Arts

Harvard University (MA) 605 $66,805 2, National Universities

If these schools are too competitive for your current profile, then there are others to check out like SOKA University (CA), Berea College (KY), Trinity College (CT), Occidental College (CA), DePauw University (IN), St. Johns (MD), Hampshire College (MA), Wheaton College (MA), Bard College (NY), St.Lawrence U. (NY), Kenyon (OH), Sewanee (TN), Whitman College (WA), and Hope College (MI).

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4 months ago

Hey Ryaan,

So most universities in the US have ignored SAT test scores since the last year bc students find it difficult to cope up with things after the lockdown. That means you can apply to full financial aid giving universities w/o ur SAT results. You wont be penalized for not providing your SAT score.


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