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Pre-College Programs in CVs/Resume


Generally, where do you think I should put my non-credit pre-college programs (which are all ACADEMIC ENRICHMENT) on my CV/Resume? I am thinking of putting it on my education section, since I've seen other people put it there if it is an academic enrichment program (regardless if they give credit or not) + they are under school of continuing education (so, basically not the usual online course/mooc from online learning platforms). Do you guys think it would be fine?

I have two programs which are Global Health, and Infectious Disease. I hope to make use of this for my future CV/resume even beyond high school and college. Any thoughts?


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2 months ago


I personally don't think it is super important where you put it in your application as long as it is visible to the admissions committee. I would most likely put it in both you CV and your education section just so it is visible if you have room. Otherwise, place it where you have the most available room. Another option is adding it to your essays if it fits. This would be especially good if you plan to pursue Global Health at college and in the future as it will show motivation.

Good luck on your applications!


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