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Tutoring as extracurricular

Is tutoring my low-income classmates counts as a good ec? I help them practice for national exam, because in our country school-level preparation is not enough to pass it, that's why most teachers tutor students after school for money in order to give them needed knowledge (and we must pick 5 different subjects for this exam, so imagine how much it costs to hire 5 teacher tutors). I am really disappointed in our educational system because I think school must be able to prepare you for exams. I help them to prepare for: Ukrainian language, English language, Ukrainian literature, Mathematics (Level 1 and 2) and Physics. I started doing it in second semester of junior year.


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4 months ago

It counts especially because it is an excellent community service which shows you have a passion to help improve the live of the next person. Mostly, medical schools are impressed by community services that amongst all show your socialisation skills.

Extracurricular activities comprise of sports, arts and community services.

4 months ago[edited]

That's a very good extracurricular that I'm sure colleges will appreciate. I don't know how you're going to set up your college admissions resume, but at my school, we use this program called "Naviance". With the website, we have to describe each extra-curricular in a text box. What I highly recommend you focus on is describing that extra-curricular you just mentioned the best you can. Your goal is to show colleges that what you do outside the classroom, you're just as devoted to that, than just on classes and grades. For instance, you can include how many hours you worked per week, how many weeks/months you did it, or all the classes you taught. This extra-curricular you're doing is very impressive. I'm happy you're so passionate about it. Good luck!


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